Plant FWD

Plant FWD


In the last two decades our world has shifted towards a massive production and consumption of animal-based proteins. We have become addicted to (cheap) meat, cheese and dairy. With the global climate crisis rapidly developing and a world population that is estimated to grow to a staggering 10 billion people by 2050, our food system will simply become unfeasible for our planet.

At Plant Forward we aim to bring back balance in our food consumption by accelerating the transition from the current 40% to 50% plant-based proteins in 2030. This 10% sounds like a small and easy thing, but this protein shift will require new technologies, bold ideas and creating collaborating between companies and across companies. We believe in moving things forward and creating solutions that work today, tomorrow and for the future.

Therefore we have created Plant Forward; a 1-day plant-based conference in the greater Amsterdam area where we bring together start & scale-ups, investors, future talents, policy- and other change-makers from around the globe to working on creating a plant-forward future together.


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