Blame It On… Bianca Del Rio

She’s back and still to blame! After her sold out hit shows “Rolodex of Hate” and “Not Today Satan” Bianca debuted her current tour last year at Amsterdam Pride and she will return to bring you the fully developed “Blame It On… Bianca Del Rio” for Pride Weekend on Friday August 3rd in Theater Amsterdam as part of her current World Tour.

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Platinum - Meet & Greet before the show  € 85,00
Gold - seats in first rows  € 55,00
Silver - regulier € 40,00

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Blame It On… Bianca Del Rio


You can also enjoy dinner in our restaurant before the show. 
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Start your Pride Weekend with the funniest Queen of them all!
‘Blame It On Bianca Del Rio’ really spotlights the queen’s undeniable ability to sculpt jokes out of thin air just by observing her surroundings and the poor, unfortunate souls sitting close in the crowd. Bianca is known for these on-the-fly moments where she uses her razor-sharp, lightning speed wit to outsmart fans who love every second of her hatred.

Improv’ aside there also will be personal reflections on the current state of America, her experiences as a touring comedian, being recognised by fans, RPDR and a rather biting Q&A session, giving curious attendees the chance to write Bianca a question and have it answered in front of the Theater Amsterdam crowd.

Platinum - Meet & Greet before the show  € 85,00
Gold - seats in first rows  € 55,00
Silver - regular € 40,00

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19:30 reception with DJ Diva May Day, 21:00 Showtime

Duration approx. 1h 15 mins - Afterparty included