Soy de Cuba

Soy de Cuba



The impressive grand dance and music spectacle Soy de Cuba takes you on an unforgettable trip to the always sunny and pastel-colored heart of the Caribbean island, Cuba. Passion, cheerfulness, rhythmic dances, soulful singing and a stunning love story take place against a backdrop of vibrant Havana.

A six-piece live band, the impressive ensemble, temperamental choreographies and authentic film images immerse the viewer in the vibrant life of Havana. Cuban classics such as Salsa, Mambo and Rumba effortlessly meet new trends, including street dance and reggae.

Soy de Cuba tells a story about a huge passion for dance and that one great love in your life. It is the young Ayala who goes to Havana to find her happiness as a dancer. There she ends up in a beautiful energetic world, but also quickly gets to know the dark side with intrigue, jealousy and a daily rivalry. Ayala does not give up and will prove herself as a dancer, thereby also conquering the heart of her great love.

A ticket to an unforgettable trip, Soy de Cuba is coming!


This event has been moved from 19-03-2020 to 03-04-2021


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